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If stress and/or anxiety is having a negative effect on your life, it's time to do something about itGet in touch with me today.

Janice Bowles, is a Hypnotherapist, Hypnohealer, EFT  practitioner and Life Coach specialising in Stress Management since 1996.


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When you lower your stress you raise your quality of life!

Latest figures show that a whopping 85% of us are experiencing stress and worry on a regular basis.

By implementing some simple techniques you can change your life, improve your health and your peace of mind. 

Stress generates feelings of:

  • Frustration, irritability and anger. 
  • Overwhelm, unable to cope.
  • Worry and anxiety.
  • Feeling disconnected from life.
  • Sleep disturbance, low energy and fatigue.
  • Indecision, self-doubt, nervousness.

What is Stress costing you?

Stress is everywhere! It's almost accepted nowadays as part of having a busy life, but too much stress and tension could be costing you. Left unchecked, stress can become a bigger problem to resolve, especially when it impacts upon our health and wellbeing.

Stress can affect your life in so many ways including, overwhelm, anxiety, weight gain, weight loss, loss of sleep and strained relationships – just to name a few. Too much stress in our lives can rob us of career prospects or business success leaving us in a loop of constant struggle, making it difficult to see a clear path forward.

In our demanding world, it’s easy to let stress creep in and often times we don’t even notice. For instance, maybe you find that you're doubting yourself more, or dreading those workplace meetings, afraid that you'll mess up and confidence becomes shaky. You may also start avoiding situations that you once enjoyed, feeling guilty and less happy than usual. 

It's advisable not to let any these signs go on for too long as they could be an indication that something needs addressing before it leads to more chronic stress and health implications.

But, stress doesn’t have to stop you in your tracks – in fact, YOU can stop the stress in its tracks!

Discover how you can gain control over stress with this easy 3-step formula and get instant access to this online course today... it's FREE!

**"Calm Stress Now" **

Stress is natural. We can never eliminate stress from our lives completely and neither would we want to because it provides many useful functions that we cannot do without. Stress only becomes a problem when we are experiencing too much too frequently.

It's true that when we don't understand something we tend to be fearful and see it as something bad, therefore, by understanding how stress is affecting you, you will gain mastery over it.

So, if you are currently consumed by stress, excessive worry or feeling burnt out, or if you're just feeling emotionally 'out of sorts' and you don't know why, I will help you get your life back into balance and back on track.

My coaching programs will show you how to tackle the stresses in your life, build resilience, empower yourself with a new perspective and create clarity and direction with inner strength to carry with you in everyday life.

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The causes of stress are many and when one area of our life is out of balance, it can impact on other areas making it difficult to find a solution.  This often leads to excessive worry and rumination and can lead to unhealthy stress and anxiety.  If you want to put an end to excessive worrying, self-doubt and unhealthy ways of coping, then take the next step and tell me more about your situation by clicking button below. 

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What others say...

I just want to say thank you for all your help it has certainly changed my life for the better – and together with your friendly and kind understanding has greatly boosted my confidence.”


“I turned to hypnotherapy in desperation to try to stop my comfort eating. It was amazing to find that without any seemingly conscious effort on my part, I was easily able to just eat at normal mealtimes and quickly lost a stone!” 


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