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Why Can’t I Quit Smoking ?

“Why Can’t I Quit Smoking?” – Is a common statement I hear from wanna-be non-smokers

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Many people know that smoking is really bad for them and desperately want to quit, but despite this they find beating the habit really tough.

You don’t need to be told over and over again all the reasons as to why you should quit…  So, relax and let me answer your question and then get to a stress-free solution that millions of ex-smokers have used successfully.

You know all the reasons but still wonder, “Why can’t I quit smoking?”

Smoking is a habit and as with all habits they stick fast! This is a natural mechanism of the mind that allows you to repeat something without having to re-learn it over and over again. Think of all the things you do in your life where that is so useful… driving your car, getting dressed, eating and so on.

What’s more, those cigarettes go hand in hand with other habits such as drinking coffee, a meal or chatting on the telephone – one wouldn’t feel right without the other! These occasions you automatically reach for that cigarette, even when you don’t really want one!

Without you realizing it, you are being hypnotized by those cigarettes!

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Smoking and Stress

Stressful situations are most likely going to test your resolve to stay off the fags more than anything else. When you can control your response to stress you can control your urge to smoke. During this time why not treat yourself to a little de-stressing and enjoy a body or head massage, reflexology, or join a yoga class? Remember to use hypnosis audio to as a great way to stub out stress.

Does hypnosis really work to help you quit smoking?

Many people have heard that hypnosis can help you to quit smoking and seek this as a viable option when all else fails.

In a recent major research study various methods for becoming a non-smoker were compared and the results were impressive. It showed that those who used hypnosis found it to be three times as effective as nicotine replacement therapy.

As with any habit it’s something that you have learnt to do over and over and I’ll bet there are times when you have lit a cigarette without consciously thinking about it! That cigarette goes hand-in-hand with other things you do throughout your day, after a meal, with a coffee, as a reward.

It can take more than will power alone to become a non-smoker again. That’s where hypnosis is so useful because it addresses those automatic responses within your mind that make it more difficult for you to quit.

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How does smoking affect your mood?

Irritability, impatience, hostility, anxiety, depressed mood, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, are some of the effects of smoking! At least these are the feelings you get when you try to quit so yes, smoking does affect your mood.

You probably smoke more when you are stressed so it may make you feel better temporarily but not for long. Smoking stimulates your body, your heart beats faster giving you that initial ‘buzz’. So smoking can distract you from stress for a short time.

As soon as the effect soon wears off, you will start to get withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms go away when you smoke again, and so the cycle ensues! You are in fact suppressing uncomfortable feelings which are being caused by smoking.

American researchers have found that quitting smoking makes people happier, and the effect lasts for as long as they manage to kick the habit.

“Before I quit smoking I was always thinking of my next cigarette, my life revolved around them. Now it’s really different… and I don’t want to smoke anymore. If I can do it anybody can.” ~ Cathy P, Bucks, UK.

Are you ready to quit smoking?

If you try to stop before you are ready to quit smoking you are just attempting to use will-power. That’s why hypnosis is so great because it allows for a natural process to occur. One lady I know who worked with the 10 steps hypnosis pack was quite skeptical at the time, then one day while camping she said she awoke knowing that was it, because her desire to smoke was gone!

I love hearing success stories like that… please let me know of yours!

Do you have any questions about becoming a non-smoker? Or perhaps you have a success story to share… then leave them below and I will be happy to answer your questions. 🙂