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Coaching Cafe - Janice Bowles Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy - EFT - Coaching

CALL: 01844 690411

the Coaching Café 

Welcome to the Coaching Café 

There is currently no further availability for the Coaching Cafe. 

For personal Coaching Services
please call Janice on 01844 690411

Please complete the form below or call Janice on 01844 690411.

There are a maximum of 8 places available and it is on a first arrival basis or you can reserve a place (recommended) in advance here.

*If you book then find you’re unable to attend please let me know so that someone else can have your place. I look forward to welcoming you! :)

What to expect...

Come along to the Coaching Cafe with a goal or something you want to accomplish and be guided as to how you can attain your goal(s) using classic coaching models. For example, some of the goals you have might include:

  • Having more satisfaction and happiness in your life yet you're unsure how to achieve it.
  • A fitness or weight loss goal that you never quite achieve.
  • An idea for your business yet you struggle to see it through.

The Coaching Café allows you to learn some great coaching techniques for achieving the things that matter to you most that will ultimately bring you greater satisfaction, reward and happiness in your life.

It’s also an opportunity to gain some insight into coaching and whether 1-1 coaching might be for you.


This is the second year that the Coaching Cafe has been running and we meet once a month.

You're not required to attend each monthly session - just come along when you can.

We focus on a variety of coaching models as well as achieving and maintaining a positive attitude and mindset, visualisation techniques and using the subconscious mind for overcoming blocks and creating outcomes.

The sessions also greatly help with managing the stresses of everyday life and enhancing overall wellbeing. These tools can be applied to your business, at work or in any other area of your life.

The value you will receive far exceeds that of the small fee for attending and is a great way to evaluate whether coaching and working with me on a one-to-one basis is right for you.


  • You would like to learn how to visualize your goals.
  • You'd like to gain greater clarity, focus and feel inspired.
  • You'd like to be more productive as result of better focus.
  • You'd like to boost a positive attitude and mindset towards life.
  • You'd like to improve overall wellbeing.
  • You'd like to reduce stress in any or all areas of your life.


  • You'll be part of an informal, friendly and supportive group.
  • You'll learn how to get through life's 'rough patches'.
  • You'll feel more empowered and in control of your life.
  • You'll have reduced stress and a feel more relaxed.
  • You'll gain personal growth and understand yourself better.
  • And much more! 

You will receive a very warm welcome from me and other's in the group and I look very much to seeing you there. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions.

Janice Bowles Hypnotherapy & Coaching
Telephone: 01844 690411
Email: janice@janicebowles.com 

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