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Quit Smoking Christmas Special Offer

*A Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking Session for just £150*
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Hypnosis to stop smoking

Make lasting changes to think and feel like a non-smoker

Anyone who loves you would be thrilled if you decided to stop smoking. Your doctor wants you to quit and so does your dentist! You will also find that your insurance provider will offer a discount for quitting. So, there are plenty of positive reasons to quit!

However, what I have to say next may surprise you...

Don't stop smoking until you are ready!

Traditional smoking cessation approaches tell you to pick a date then throw your cigarettes in the trash. But the problem with that is you may not be ready. And then a week or so later, you relapse.

My approach helps update your unconscious mind with the attitudes of a non-smoker first, so that you actually feel ready to quit, rather than having to force yourself. When people quit for good, they are true non-smokers.

Become a true non-smoker

(Not just a smoker who is courageously resisting cigarettes)

Everyone knows someone who has quit smoking but still says they’d like one with a drink, or after a meal.

And what a terrible place that is to be. Having to deny yourself something you want all the time.

That’s why I use an approach that helps you become a true non-smoker, not just someone who is resisting smoking.

The ‘stopped smoker’ courageously resists having a cigarette, while the non-smoker couldn’t think of anything worse than smoking.

That’s if they give it a thought at all.

My approach to smoking cessation hypnotherapy changes the unconscious mind of a smoker to an effortless non-smoker.

The techniques I use address every single psychological trick that smoking addiction plays on you and frees you from its grip.

Smoking cessation hypnosis with me will gently move your mind from its current addicted state to complete freedom from cigarettes.

No longer will you be controlled by the need to smoke: No more planning your day so you can smoke, no more running outside at work or at parties, no more worrying whether you have enough cigarettes left. No more stressing about what smoking is doing to your health.

Call me now and I’ll send you an eBook called ‘Get Ready to Quit’ which will help you prepare in a way that will make quitting smoker much easier than you could ever have imagined.

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Here are a couple of Q & A's that you may have...

How long is the session?

The session lasts about 90 minutes and is often sufficient to end your smoking habit.  I will then follow up with you by phone a few days later just to make sure that all is going well.

How will I know if I'm ready?

I get asked this a lot!

You've a holiday coming up or there are Christmas celebrations just around the corner, and I get it, you are concerned that these events will interfere (with your fun) and so you are second-guessing how it will be. 

As with many decisions in life, there isn't necessarily an ideal time. Sometimes we just have to say "that's it, I've had enough" which is pretty much how I felt when I decided to quit - albeit a very long time ago! 

All I can say is that it is well worth it, especially when you realise the importance of your health. I most certainly have never looked back. There are so many positive reasons for being a non-smoker that far outweigh that smoking habit.

That said, if you want to stop but you're still unsure then arrange a 'zero pressure' chat with me anyway - what's to lose? Other than an unwanted habit! ;) 

How much does it cost?

The smoking cessation session is just £175 (£150 SPECIAL CHRISTMAS OFFER)

This is a 90 minute one-time session.

Think of quitting smoking with hypnotherapy as an investment, because that's exactly what it is - an investment in your health and wellbeing. If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day at £10 a packet of 20 (often costing more) when you are no longer smoking your session will have paid for itself in just 2 weeks!

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stop smoking hypnotherapy

client testimonial

“Before I quit smoking I was always thinking of my next cigarette, my life revolved around them. Now it’s really different… and I don’t want to smoke anymore. If I can do it anybody can.”
Kathie - Buckinghamshire.


(It makes a great Christmas gift)

10 Steps
to becoming a non-smoker

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