Overcome Anxiety & Stress. Be more Confident. Think and feel better about yourself and your life.

Hypnotherapy is for positive change.

Hi I'm Janice, thank you for visiting.

For over 25 years I have helped people to effectively manage the stresses of life and a variety of issues that interfere with wellbeing.

More people are now experiencing anxiety and stress and seeking help to feel better and function better in their everyday lives.

Specialising in stress and anxiety management, I can provide you with effective tools to feel calmer, regain wellbeing and improve confidence about yourself and your life.
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Client success stories


Panic Attacks


"I want to say a big thank you for all your help. I was suffering with panic attacks, especially when shopping. Since seeing you I have been getting better and better and now I’m at the point where I don’t even think about it anymore.  In fact, I have been out and about shopping for England!"


Fear of Flying


“Hypnotherapy enabled me to take control of my fear of flying, with successful results. I also gained a deeper and clearer understanding of myself. I have recommended it to others and would recommend it to you. The benefits and results far exceeded any initial apprehensions.”




" One of the things that I learnt in my professional career was that we all from time to time need expert assistance if we are to make the changes that we desire and that it is not a sign of weakness, quite the opposite, to acknowledge this. Janice has the expertise and passion to help you do this."

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