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Providing professional help for stress, anxiety, burnout, emotional issues, confidence and feeling stuck.

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Learn how to enjoy life again...

More and more people these days are experiencing anxiety, stress and depression.  If you are struggling with any of these emotionally driven conditions you will know only too well the enormous impact they have upon your daily happiness, your relationships, work and overall enjoyment of life.    

Anxiety: The frightened mind   |   Stress: The overwhelmed mind   |   Depression: The exhausted mind

You don't have to put up with debilitating anxiety and stress, and you can recover from from depression - I know because I have done it. The good news is that these energy zapping emotions can be successfully treated - you absolutely can get your life back and regain control. With the right guidance you can learn how to manage your emotional states, feel better about past anxiety experiences and feel calm in future events. 

When you work with me...

I will show you how to relax properly and also how to relax yourself. You'll learn effective stress relieving techniques, gain an understanding of what stress is and what happens in the mind and body whenever stress arises. You'll learn how to master anxiety and that stress and anxiety are natural states and not to be feared.

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Sometimes, anxiety and stress develop into conditioned responses. In other words from past events or learnt behaviour from people we've been around while growing up. But none of this you're stuck with. In fact I want to show you how wonderful your mind is and how you can retrain your mind, get unstuck and then take positive steps towards creating a bright future. 

Once upon a time you learnt how to walk; and from that beginning you have learnt so many amazing things.  Maybe now is the time to learn how to relax and enjoy life again!

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I offer a free initial consultation where I can learn more about your situation and discuss with you how I may help. 

What others say...

I just want to say thank you for all your help it has certainly changed my life for the better – and together with your friendly and kind understanding has greatly boosted my confidence.


I turned to hypnotherapy in desperation to try to stop my comfort eating. It was amazing to find that without any seemingly conscious effort on my part, I was easily able to just eat at normal mealtimes and quickly lost a stone!


The MindPower session given by Janice to our Credit Suisse Brazilian team was outstanding! She showed us how to relax and how to find a moment of peace in our busy lives - I do highly recommend this session to everybody.... dip in and find your peace of mind!

Reto Carlos Hunziker.
Regional Head, Brazil for Credit Suisse Financial Services

Thank you for all the valuable advice and assistance you have given to help unlock the potential within me and improve my life. As a result I now feel much more positive and confident.

Brin Thomas:
Thomas Racing. Oxfordshire UK


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