Enjoy Life More With These Small Self-help Adjustments


No-one can pretend that life is always easy. Sometimes things happen that are out of your control and it can then feel difficult to enjoy life as you'd like. 

Nevertheless it doesn't mean that you can't do what you can to help yourself by making proactive choices that provide you with ways to enjoy life more. After all, enjoying life is how it’s supposed to be!

Creating a more enjoyable life through positive improvements can seem daunting when you first begin to embrace the concept, as we tend to get settled into a comfort zone, even if that is at the expense of improvement.

It's worth remembering that you can't get it wrong!

It has been said before, but whatever you want to have in life it's more about the journey than the final accomplishment. Yet it's easy to forget this when things don't appear to be going the way we would like. 

It can feel really upsetting when it feels as though we are battling an invisible force. Most people will say at some point in their life that they didn't think it would be this way, or turn out this way. 

Often the real lessons of life come from what we learn along the way and moreover where we fail. But failing feels uncomfortable because of the perception that we have somehow got it wrong.

But if you hang everything upon a specific outcome you may end up feeling disappointed more often. Having this understanding in mind will make your goals and life as a whole feel much easier.  

If instead of putting importance on what you want to achieve or have onto an awareness of the person you want to be, then you can start on the journey to reaching your goals more comfortably.

For instance, having a desire to develop personal improvement will allow you to realize your true potential, especially if you know that you can never get it wrong.

That said, here are seven things that can make a real difference towards enjoying life more. Give them a try because only you can evaluate the benefits they will bring. 

Try these 7 ways to enjoy life more: 

1. Reduce the stress in your life

When something happens try not to go overboard and over-react. Accept that there will be setbacks in your life. Instead realise that the contrast you experience in life, the things you don’t want vs. the things you do want all help us to grow and is a part of life’s rich tapestry. Focus upon finding solutions rather than giving up or focusing on the problem itself.

2. Calm your emotions

It is possible to teach yourself how to deal with difficult situations without becoming too emotional. If you learn how to handle the most stressful situations in life, then the smaller stuff will feel manageable, thus making your daily life better.

3. Awareness of your thoughts

You will be amazed how much you will enjoy life more once you begin to deliberately focus upon your thoughts and consciously direct them towards better feeling thought.

This ties in closely with your emotions because every thought that is repeated (and we tend to repeat the same thought over and over) will result in a feeling or emotion. 

So if you’re having a great day then it’s because you are thinking thoughts that support how you feel. It’s sounds almost simplistic and it is really, it’s just that we are unaware of what we are thinking much of the time.

It takes practice but is worth the effort you put into it.

4. Practice meditation / mindfulness

The simple habit of learning to breathe deeply upon command can give you back your sense of control. By ceasing thought as best you can for a period of 15 to 20 minutes a days (and it gets easier over time) will enhance your awareness of your thinking patterns. Thus giving you an opportunity to change old habits of thought that no longer serve you.

You could also bring into your mind the thought of someone special, such as your pet or anything or anyone that gives you a powerful feeling of love. Do not underestimate the power of this practice!

5. Ease your worries

Many times, worry is about a scenario that hasn’t occurred and may never occur. Worry isn’t productive. Unfortunately the way life is today people tend to worry more but it serves no useful purpose.

Instead, determine how you would like to feel and put your energy towards positive outcomes rather than negative ones. You will be amazed how just this one step alone will improve your life.

6. Reduce overwhelm

To get the most out of your work time and become more productive, one thing that you could do is take frequent breaks from your tasks. It can seem counter-intuitive at first but taking mini breaks frequently will help boost your energy, your concentration and as a result you’ll get more done. Focusing your thoughts better will also reduce feelings of overwhelm allowing you to enjoy life more.

7. Include regular exercise

Exercise is for everyone and not just people who are trying to lose a few pounds or get fit. Studies show that exercise has many health benefits including on a mental and emotional level.

In fact, there are so many positive reasons to exercise regularly. For starters, regular exercise is a great way to boost your mood. You are also sending a message to yourself that you matter – that your health matters.

Final thoughts...

Sometimes people know they want to change but don't know how to. 

Setting smaller, easily attainable goals prevents you from becoming discouraged. If you are clear about your goals, it will be easier to measure your achievement of them.

You could enlist the help of a coach who will objectively support you, help you gain clarity and keep you focused upon what you want to achieve and this is a great way for you to get the most out of life and to enjoy life more.

What do you do to enjoy your life more?


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