About Janice Bowles Hypnotherapy

Hi, I’m Janice – a fully qualified hypnotherapist and for over 25 years I have helped people from all walks of life to overcome stress, anxiety and emotional issues and more.

Hypnosis isn't Magic

It's effects can feel magical however. Apart from the wonderful effects of relaxation, hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind therefore problems can often be dealt with quickly. People are fascinated by hypnosis and sometimes sceptical. Here you can find out more about hypnosis and how anyone can benefit from it. 

Hypnosis is Completely Natural

Some people feel a little wary about being hypnotised. Perhaps they've seen hypnosis for entertainment purposes. When you are working with me you are always in control. Here you will discover that hypnosis is a natural part of who you are, as natural as smiling or blinking your eyes. It's just so wonderfully relaxing too!

Hypnotherapy is for Health

Hypnotherapy is used to assist people in breaking free from any destructive thought patterns that keep on spoiling their quality of life in some way. But it's not just about problems, it's also about getting in touch with why you are like you are and who you want to be. It is perfect for personal growth and achieving your life goals.

Why I became a hypnotherapist

a brief background story

 In 1994 I qualified with a hypnotherapy diploma with The Atkinson-Ball College of Hypnotherapy and Hypnohealing in London, UK.

My interest in hypnotherapy came about when seeking help for depression. Having applied what I learnt to myself, the benefits I gained from hypnosis were so striking I knew that I wanted to use my skills to help others. 

Having hit rock bottom emotionally I completely understand the feelings and challenges associated with anxiety, stress and depression. I also know that it's possible to master our emotions that drive these states.

Since those early days I continued to study in the area of psychology and add other methods and techniques including EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Life Coaching. 

Helping people is in my nature, as it is to really listen and understand what's going on with them. Because helping another person who is struggling with an issue that is spoiling their life in some way or to help them master their emotional states is very often a life-changer for them.

However, helping others isn't only about resolving problems. It's also about helping to create personal change, or improve performance and provide support in achieving goals.  Therefore, the way I work is with a solution focused approach in mind.

We all need to feel as though we are moving forward in our lives with meaning and purpose. Whether we are aware of it or not, we also have a need for a sense of accomplishment, and when our emotional needs are met, we become happier. We sometimes require outside help to achieve this.

Drawing upon the skills of psychotherapy, hypnosis and life coaching provides an holistic approach within the way I practice. My intention is to always strive for the best outcomes for those people with whom I work. 

I am as passionate today about what I do as when I first started and maybe more so. Because as we understand more about psychology and the human mind, there is always more we can do to improve the lives of others. 

It was such a relief when I started to think clearly again, my thoughts became more ordered and I returned to the here and now. What I have gained from the sessions has stayed with me as I moved forward – it gave me my life back.

carole campo

Janice is genuinely a very warm and caring person who is very interested in what she does and how she can help you. Thank you again for your wonderful sessions Janice.

jill swanson

Calm Anxiety With This Relaxing Hypnosis Audio

A Brief Introduction to Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis

hypnotherapy is...

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic process for psychological healing that uses hypnosis along with other therapeutic interventions, including guided relaxation, to help you think and behave differently about a particular situation. The positive benefits are often long lasting and permanent.

In a clinical setting, the therapist is utilising the hypnotic state for positive mental, emotional and behavioural change. This can be done both conversationally as well as with eyes closed. A good hypnotherapist uses their skill and knowledge by choosing appropriate language, suggestion, metaphor and reframes. 

hypnosis is...

Hypnosis is the method by which a hypnotherapist helps their client to make a desired change. The word 'hypnosis' refers to a trance state, and a trance state is defined as a focused state of attention. For instance, whenever you are engrossed in doing something, such as reading a book or while watching an engaging movie, you may find that you kind of lose awareness of your immediate surroundings.

Hypnosis occurs in everyone and in everyday situations whether you realise it or not! It is therefore, a naturally occurring state of mind and we can also use it for our benefit as in formal hypnosis. 

self-hypnosis is...

When we talk about self-hypnosis it is your ability to intentionally put yourself into a hypnotic trance state. There are many reasons why we may want to do this. It can be used during dental procedures, before public speaking, or any situation where high performance is desired. It is used for sleep and pain management and almost anything you can think of.

So as you will see the uses for self-hypnosis are many. What's more, it is super easy to do once you know how.

A hypnotherapist can show you how to put yourself into self-hypnosis and may also give you a powerful suggestion for eliciting the trance state at your will. This is what I did for attendees during my "Mindpower" sessions that I provided in corporate group settings. 

Practising self-hypnosis can help you in all kinds of situations such as before a social occasion, to change unwanted habits and of course for every day relaxation.

As I have mentioned, one of the biggest benefits for anyone who regularly uses hypnosis is their ability to relax more, and relaxation alone improves your overall wellbeing and your life enormously. An easy way to do this is by listening to a hypnosis audio.

hypnosis feels like

  • Have you ever been so involved in a task that you have lost track of time?
  • Have you ever been driving and momentarily lost track of where you are?
  • Have you been so engrossed in a good book or movie and not heard someone speak to you?
  • Do you daydream?

These are just some examples of what hypnosis feels like and usually you're unaware of when you are going into these mini trance states.

To experience this feeling just a little, right now, take a moment to recall a time when perhaps you were lying in a warm bath, notice how your hands can float in the water... maybe a beautiful aroma of bath oils or bubbles and the soothing warm water relaxing your muscles and you begin to drift a little.

Or if you prefer you could think of a memorable holiday and the sights and sounds and atmosphere of that place.

As you picture these situations you may begin to experience a light hypnotic state. It is just the mind drifting into a different brain wave state and from that of full conscious awareness into a daydream.

There is still a mystery surrounding hypnosis, which many people finding intriguing.

hypnotherapy, hypnosis, hypnotize

It was a treat to relax in a warm and supportive environment at the end of a working day. I enjoyed going on an effortless journey to distance and enchanting places. I benefited from sleeping very deeply for several days after." 


barclays "MindPower" sessions attendees

Excellent, useful and very, very interesting. 

Owain Glyn

Very powerful and will be very useful.

sandie patel

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What I do...

Hypnotherapy Sessions

Problems can occur when a behaviour pattern is made in response to a situation that occurred in the past. When the person grows up, the situation changes but the behaviour response sometimes does not. As hypnotherapy can change that behaviour response on a subconscious level, the scope is endless. Whereas most other forms of therapy are carried out at a conscious level, it requires a different way of processing things. That's not to say it isn't of value, it is, it's just that with hypnosis there is little resistance in the mind to effect the desired change.

It works particularly well for issues that were originally created on the emotional level and anxiety driven problems are one such area. When used in combination with other techniques such as coaching and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and psychotherapy, the results can be especially powerful.

Coaching Sessions

Whenever you feel stuck in life or in a rut, you will know that something needs to be done but nonetheless may feel unable to change. This sense of powerlessness can trigger anxiety and once anxiety gets on a roll it feeds itself more. It may get to the point where we don't even know why we are anxious. So sometimes we need someone to actively listen to where we are in life and help us unravel and move forward again.

Coaching is a useful method for looking at where you are now, where you want to be and taking positive actionable steps. This is where a combination of coaching with some hypnosis work really well together so as to deal with any stress or anxiety first.  I strive to help you reach your goals by using proven coaching methods often in conjunction with hypnosis for even greater and more effective results. If you are feeling stuck, frustrated and need help shifting to more positive mindset, I will support you unconditionally to a better place.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT is a form of therapy that uses a combination of focused words along with a technique of tapping various meridian points on the head, face, upper body and hands. It is very soothing to experience and effective in treating physical pain and emotional distress including stress, anxiety, PTSD and depression. I have been using this simple yet powerful technique for twenty years.    

neil summerfield

-retired solicitor-

"The coaching experience for me was a very positive one and of very considerable benefit in helping me to relax and in dealing with anxiety causing situations. I would have no hesitation in recommending Janice’s professional, caring and above all positive approach".

A Little More About My Story

Earlier times...

In my early twenties I worked for six months with the airline British Caledonian as ground staff.  As I had failed on my first application to British Airways due to lack of life experience, I re-applied to British Airways the following year and in 1978 began 13 wonderful years of travelling the world.  

During this time, I worked on many different aircraft and over four different fleets; short haul's Tridents 1, 2 and 3, then long haul 707's and VC10 (briefly as they were soon after decommissioned) the wonderful 747's, the Tristar and finally back to short haul and 737's.  

During this time, I gained a lot of experience in dealing with people. There were times when I was challenged as to how to respond to stressed passengers and passengers fearful of flying. As a result, I became particularly interested in people behaviour, emotional responses and how to best deal with it. 

After about ten years with British Airways, I started to think about what I would do next in my career. I was interested in complementary therapies so I enrolled on a reflexology course, then trained in therapeutic massage, taking an ITEC Diploma and finally an Aromatherapy diploma.

I did all this while I was still flying. With the opportunity to take my flying duties on a part-time basis, I set up my own therapeutic practice, which become quite successful.

Then everything changed! I decided to set off on a new venture in France. I had some new skills and a new relationship and in the New Year of 1991 I made my last short haul flight and moved to the ski resort of Valmorel La Belle later that month.

Living in France was an amazing experience but it had been a very big change from everything I had known. Then sadly, my father passed away just three weeks after I left the UK. It was these events that triggered the depression I was to fall into. 

At first, I wasn't even aware of the depression that started creeping up on me but when I did become aware, I knew that I had to do something about it.

I decided to return to the UK to begin a hypnotherapy diploma course with The Atkinson-Ball College of Hypnotherapy and Hypno-healing in London.

Back in the UK October 1994...

Upon returning to the UK in October 1994 and following qualification, I focused entirely on hypnotherapy. I provided self-hypnosis courses for my Local Education Authority and ‘Mind Power’ sessions for Barclays Bank managers and employees for about 18 months. Over 2,500 people passed through these sessions.

I also provided the same 'Mind Power' sessions for The London Business School students, again for about 18 months, and a few other companies.

Over the years I have provided group coaching sessions, relaxation classes, EFT sessions and various other 1-day workshops. I love taking group sessions - there's something really dynamic about the energy of a group environment.

Along the way I have continued professional development (CPD) with Uncommon Knowledge and The Coaching Academy and I am Keirsey Temperament Theory Certified.

what now?...

My goal is to help more people around the world by creating hypnosis audio sessions and self-study courses which will be added to this website. So I invite you to bookmark and check back here from time to time or better still, you can register for my newsletter - see below - and then you'll be notified whenever I add something new. You will also get some great content delivered to your email inbox.

I also welcome you to get in touch with any questions you may have or discuss how I may help you. All personal and private 1-1 sessions are held via Zoom.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me!

To your wellbeing!


Pictures of me in my British Airways uniform in the 1980's.

Valmorel Ski Resort

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