Burnout Help: understanding Burnout and How to Bounce Back.

Is this you?

Are you feeling exhausted, powerless and out of control? Does every day situations cause you to be cynical, overly negative, disillusioned and depleted? If so, you could be heading for burnout.

Read on below to find out more about burnout, whether you could be experiencing it and if so, what you can do about it.

Who experiences burnout?

Many professionals are no strangers to stress. Burnout has long been recognised as an occupational hazard particularly in people-oriented professions.

In such roles there are often intense levels of personal and emotional contact, coupled with long working hours and ‘going the extra mile’ for their patients or clients. While these relationships can be rewarding, they are also potentially stressful.

Such professionals give everything only to find they have run out of mental and physical energy.

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What is burnout?

The three main characteristics of burnout are exhaustion, cynicism and detachment from the job. However, detachment may also spill over into personal life too.

Other signs and symptoms of burnout include overwhelm, tiredness, irritability and a lack of focus. There is often a sense of life spinning out of control and this can lead to apathy, the need for isolation and withdrawal.

Burnout often affects how people feel about their own abilities, by feeling incompetent or inadequate in daily roles and responsibilities.

People experiencing burnout may feel the need to prove themselves by working more. In so doing, work may become the only focus which in turn erodes engagement with friends, family and the things that once gave pleasure.

When nothing changes, to compensate they push even harder, sleep becomes erratic, eating becomes disrupted and a cycle of self-neglect ensues.

With high emotional arousal comes a skew in perspective. The resulting fearfulness and uncertainty that burnout creates can be terrifying and if unaddressed may eventually lead to depression.

Bounce Back from Burnout

Gentle hypnosis to soothe your scorched mind and bring back the enthusiasm and drive.

Why people get burnout

When the demands of work life are high, and the rewards are low, a sense of helplessness and loss of control follows which then becomes a cycle they feel utterly stuck in.

Those most at risk to experiencing burnout depends upon several factors:

Work overload – in some roles, work overload becomes chronic thereby giving little respite and opportunity to recover, rest and restore balance.

A lack of control and influence – it is important to feel that you can influence decisions and exercise professional autonomy within a working role. Without it, engagement eventually dwindles.

Reward and recognition – everyone will want to feel valued and be recognised for their work contribution in some form or another. Without it you start to question your effectiveness and self-worth.  

Support and trust – social support and a sense of community are fundamental needs for everyone. When these are lacking in the workplace, there is greater risk of burnout.

Fairness and respect – the sense of fairness and being treated appropriately is key to feeling part of a community. Whenever we feel isolated in some way from ‘the group’ we can quickly spiral into emotional troughs of despair.

Values – One final factor that is relevant to whether someone experiences burnout is that of our personal and professional ‘values’. This includes our personal values along with the values of the organisation or business you work for. 

Our values are those things that are important to us and we all operate from our values whether we realise it or not. Values are powerful drivers and being congruent with our values, in our life and work, we are more likely to feel a sense of purpose, fulfilment and happiness.

When we are working or acting against our values, we get a sense of "wrongness" and may struggle to complete the tasks we are expected to fulfil. 

How to recover from burnout

Whatever the reason and causes of burnout the one thing anyone suffering with burnout needs is deep relaxation.

With deep rest and relaxation recovery can begin to follow. Feeling better about yourself, boosting energy levels, restoring balance and regaining control in life.  

Next step to getting back control

If you are suffering burnout, it may be that you will need to stop, take a step back and reassess your life. Making space to take a good hard look at your life and identify the areas that are causing you to feel burnt out will be an important step.

It may not feel like it just now, but a new perspective will allow you to see this situation in a new light. You may eventually view it as a positive as it encourages you to re-evaluate your priorities, hopes and dreams.

Through this process, you will discover what’s important to you, what makes you happy and what will reignite your passion.

My advice is don’t go it alone. Find a support group or a professional who will help you make sense of your situation and together, navigate a new direction.

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“The coaching experience for me was a very positive one and of very considerable benefit in helping me to relax and in dealing with anxiety causing situations."

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What I do

As a hypnotherapist specialising stress management, depression recovery, I have helped professionals experiencing high stress and burnout achieve successful recovery.

I provide powerful, transformational coaching and mentoring to help you make the changes you need when you feel in a rut.

If you are experiencing stress, anxiety or burn out, I am here to help. I know that you can recover and get your life back from the disabling symptoms and challenges associated with it.

I will show you how to deal with and feel relief from stress and any other overwhelming emotions and reboot your confidence. We will get clear on your values, discover what inspires you and feel good about your relationships and your life again.

Janice Bowles - MABCH MCA Hyp.

Your next step

Imagine for a moment, having the energy to rekindle your interests or explore new ones. To fully enjoy your life and focus on the goals that give your life purpose and meaning. Whether it is redefining your existing life or a fresh start that’s required, either way don’t you deserve to have a life that is joyful and fulfilling?

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