Change Your Eating Habits 

Hypnosis Weight Loss Audio Download

This Advanced Hypnosis Weight Loss Session has been carefully created to maximise your ability to stop overeating, change responses to emotional eating habits and make healthy eating choices. It could help you reach and maintain your weight loss goal without the need for conventional dieting.

Hypnosis has been shown to help people succeed when other methods have proved futile. Also, strict food reduction and fad diets are not only demoralising they are notoriously difficult to stick to and any results are short-lived.

Hypnosis offers a different approach. It helps by dealing with all kinds of feelings and emotions that are often the reason why people overeat. In fact, we are often unaware what those feelings and emotions are, they happen so instinctively. Our natural inclination is to soothe those feelings and food is often the go-to soother. Before too long, this response becomes a habit.

Habits are formed within the unconscious part of the brain – it’s a brilliant system but can also work against us – as unwanted habits are notoriously difficult to break.

This is where hypnosis can make a real difference. 

Narrator: Janice Bowles
Length: 28 minutes

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This 'Change Your Eating Habits' hypnosis audio works on several levels.

Hypnosis is very relaxing, and this is the first step to relieving the everyday stressors of life that so often lie behind the urge to snack and overeat.

It deals with unhelpful emotional connections that so often drive unconscious behaviour. Emotional connections could be attributed to past experiences or conditioning. The brain does this by pattern matching 'things' and past experiences with emotions, which we may continue reacting to even years later. An example might be a certain flower that evokes fond memories of someone special or a certain object or place can make us feel uncomfortable.   

It reinstates appropriate eating patterns and behaviours, hunger and thirst signals and strengthens your resolve. As you begin to notice this, you may even be amused with how your old desire for snacks and fattening foods melts away – along with those extra pounds!

It uses all the senses including visualisation to create a blueprint for desired behaviour change. Don’t be concerned if you think you can’t visualise, many people believe that too, but your mind knows perfectly how to use this sensory experience in much the same way as when you dream at night.

Powerful, hypnotic language that your unconscious mind responds to – all without you necessarily being consciously aware of that!  

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to:

  • Stop constantly thinking about food.
  • End the guilt about what you eat.
  • Naturally change your responses to food.
  • Have more vibrant health and energy.
  • Feel good about yourself and your body.
  • Comfortably reduce those unwanted pounds

How to use your hypnosis audio for best results

By listening regularly to your download your attitude towards food will shift to gently break old patterns and unconscious eating. It's best to listen through headphones.

Our minds work by repetition, so I recommend you listen to your audio session daily for 21 – 30 days and then two or three times a week thereafter until you reach your goal weight. Changes that occur through hypnosis are often permanent, but should you need to ‘top up’ occasionally you will always have your audio to hand.

Listen at a time that is not your usual bedtime. This is because you are going to fall asleep, and sleep is different than hypnotic trance. The powerful suggestions will seat more readily when you listen at a time during normal waking hours. You may however, still fall in and out of sleep sometimes and I've covered this in the following section.

important –  Do not listen to this or any hypnotic audio whenever your full attention is required such as when driving. Only listen when you can give it your full attention.

About hypnosis and the trance state

Hypnosis is a trance state which means that isn’t sleep, although it can often feel like that dreamy time just before sleep. However, if you do fall asleep during your session that’s okay, but if this occurs often you may want to change when you listen such as earlier in the day. But usually, this passes after a few listens. Another reason you may fall asleep is that you’re tired! Again, after a few listens you may find this will pass and you may then find you sleep better at night-time too.

There are different levels of sleep and different levels of awareness, and hypnosis is more like that daydream like feeling, where you’re not fully awake and neither are you asleep. You may 'drift off' and not always be aware of what you are hearing, but rest assured that your unconscious mind is listening, and absorbing the powerful suggestions.

You can buy this hypnosis audio now and begin listening immediately in the comfort of your own home.

This audio has been written and narrated by professional hypnotherapist Janice Bowles who has 28 years’ experience helping people change their eating habits and achieve their weight loss goals.

Janice: "I am so confident that you will enjoy this professionally crafted hypnosis session to help you reprogram your mind and change unwanted eating habits that I'm happy to offer a full 90-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results."


How soon will I see results?

As everyone is different this can vary but as a general rule people can start to see results within 21 days. Make sure to listen daily for the session to have maximum effect.

is hypnosis safe?

Yes. Hypnosis is a natural part of our everyday life it’s just that we don’t recognise it as such – it’s like daydreaming. In fact, hypnosis done correctly, will provide very positive results and increase wellbeing.

am i in control?

Yes. You’re always in control during a hypnosis session. If for any reason you need to attend to something unexpected you would simply open your eyes and deal with it.

how do i wake up after listening?

The gentle session ends with me bringing you back to full alertness. Incidentally, there is no such thing as being ‘stuck’ in hypnosis, because it's a natural part of brain wave levels. You will feel relaxed and really good following your session, and certainly perfectly capable of doing whatever you need to do afterwards.

Does it work for everyone?

Hypnosis is more successful than other approaches because it works on the level of feelings and unconscious motivations that are stronger than our will power alone. In this way, it helps by easing emotions that drive our behaviour, making it easier to make the right choices and say “No” whenever temptation arises. It thereby strengthens our will power.  Weight loss is a complex issue with some people requiring more assistance than others. That said, the majority of people will respond well to hypnosis. There's a 90-day money back guarantee so you can try this hypnosis audio with confidence.

If you have any further questions contact me here and I will add them to this page.