Stress Management

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Lesson 1

Hello and welcome to "Effective Ways to Manage Stress." 

My name is Janice Bowles and I will be your coach and guide throughout this course as we explore several key points about managing stress including how to better understand and notice the signs of stress, and how to manage the stress in your life.

By the end of this course you will have a greater understanding of stress than most people do. 

Not only will you have the tools to manage stress for yourself, you will also have a better understanding of others when you encounter their stress responses.

In this self-study program you’ll be experiencing some incredibly valuable takeaways, including:

  • How to be more aware of what activates your stress levels, so you can stop it before it wreaks havoc on your well-being.
  • Secrets to shifting your stress from negative to positive and use it in productive ways.
  • How to implement incredibly effective stress management techniques when unwanted stress does pop in.
  • Simple strategies to reduce your stress levels anytime.

What ​are the benefits to you for managing stress in your life?

Having reduced stress can help you be more productive and relaxed. Therefore, you’ll also enjoy improved relationships with those you love and those you work with, plus more productivity and momentum in your life and work.

You'll enjoy fewer stressful moments, with fewer butterflies in the stomach, and with a nice, elegant sense of control over how you react to circumstances and events, and with an overall sense of well-being.

I'm sure you'll agree that having less stress means that you will enjoy life more, which leads to greater success in life. 

WHAT TO EXPECT from this course:

The modules contain text lessons and some audio exercises with activities and questions for you to complete.

The questions provide a powerful means for greater insight and self-awareness, that lead to significant shifts in understanding and subsequent behaviour. There are no right or wrong answers, however, which makes this course personal to YOU.

How to proceed:

You have access to your program 24/7 and can therefore complete each module whenever it is most convenient for you.

You may take as long as you like over each module however, most can be completed within approximately 30 minutes. I recommend completing each module in the specified order before moving on to the next.

To record your answers to the activities and questions within each module, an activity sheet is provided that you can download and print out. Alternatively, you may prefer to work from the screen and record your answers in a notebook or journal - whatever works best for you.

Just reading the material is not the same as actively following the steps and answering the questions. When you take the time to stop and think about your personal response to a question, you will gain the most learning and benefit from them.

So, I encourage you to fully engage with this program and notice the positive difference that it makes to your life - and above all, enjoy the process.

This course is broken down into 7 Modules. You can do one module per week or keep moving through them at your preferred pace.

This course is broken down into 7 weekly modules -
Plus Bonus Module:  

  • Module 1 – An Introduction to Stress.
  • Module 2 – How Do You Respond to Stress?
  • Module 3 – What Are the Types of Stress?
  • Module 4 – Some Stress Management Techniques.
  • Module 5 – How Will You Manage Your Stress?
  • Module 6 – The Implications of Managing/Not Managing Stress.
  • Module 7 – Application.
  • Bonus Module - Skills in real life: taking your learning from this course going forward and improving your stress management skills in real life.

If you need help at any time just get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist you as swiftly as possible: Email:   

As this is a self-study course there is no feedback on the questions you provide. However, there are occasions where in the process of courses such as these, you may feel stuck and unsure how to move forward. In that case, you may choose to reach out for 1-1 coaching.

Help and Additional Coaching:

To arrange or enquire about adding personal 1-1 coaching session(s) via telephone or Skype, please email Janice at

Let’s begin with Module 1, “An Introduction to Stress,” where you can discover how stress affects you and how you manage stress in your life.