The Truth About Developing Daily Success Habits

Have you ever followed the advice about developing daily habits for success  that lead to personal wealth and fulfillment yet find yourself still searching for the silver bullet to success?

If you're left wondering why it hasn’t worked for you, you're not alone. What really makes one person successful and another constantly reaching for success is a puzzle for many.

If success is simply a matter of following the advice of the numerous books and courses available today, why aren’t more people seeing the success they crave?

Maybe it's that successful people simply have the 'Midas touch'or they must have been born into wealth or simply had a lucky break.

Success is an Emotional Journey

It may surprise you to learn that success has as much to do with how you feel than virtually anything else. These feelings, which we have regarding all kinds of topics including wealth and success, come from beliefs that we established at an early stage of life and deepened over time.

What Are Your Beliefs on Success?

Many are unaware of the beliefs they have on certain subjects, including money and success because they are mostly unconscious. Yet beliefs profoundly drive our behaviour and actions. 

Beliefs about financial success are powerful and you only have to consider some of the sayings we hear about money to prove this point. Do you ever say or think any of the following?

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  • Money is the root of all evil. (A twist on the true meaning that has stuck)
  • A penny saved is a penny earned.
  • Money can’t buy you happiness.
  • You can be young without money, but you can't be old without it.
  • There's nothing in the world so demoralizing as money.
  • Health is better than wealth.

Furthermore, we establish our beliefs about money from an early age; they may not be our own beliefs but the beliefs of our caregivers and society. Having adopted the beliefs of others they remain with us until we consciously become aware of them and choose to question their validity. Shifting success and prosperity-limiting beliefs will go a long way to boosting successful outcomes and personal achievement.

"You leave old habits behind by starting out with the thought, 'I release the need for this in my life'." 

Wayne Dyer

The Path of Least Resistance

Humans will generally seek the path of least resistance. When overwhelmed we become stressed and of course, nobody likes to feel stressed and out of control.

While some people are greater risk takers than others, even thriving on the thrill that taking risks provide, many would rather avoid it and seek a safer comfort zone. Nothing wrong with either it's just a question of knowing your own preference and not trying to behave in way that doesn't suit your personality, which could simply end in failure.

You see people who strive for success at any cost leaving little time to enjoy life. We are told that to achieve success you must 'pay a price' and so are put off by the unattractive side effect that reaching success brings. Who wants to be so busy that they are run ragged?

If success to you means paying such a price you may unconsciously resist it by sabotaging your goals. It may be that you have a little bit of success and then retreat to your comfort zone and never fully realise the success you'd like to achieve.

Emotions are the domain of Your Unconscious 

The good news is that you can reshape your old patterns of belief around money by thinking and feeling differently.

Because your emotions are the domain of your unconscious mind there is an easy way to change your beliefs for more supportive ones that will fuel inspired action towards success.

What’s more, you can develop those success principles that lead to the habits of successful people.

Hypnosis changes old patterns of behaviour to preferred ones...

Hypnosis is a highly effective tool for making desired changes because it works on the subconscious level where beliefs reside.

You will be amazed by what you can achieve when you realize how your mind is steering you regarding your beliefs around success and achievement.

What this means for you is that where you may be struggling to make the progress you desire there is a means for changing anything that stands in the way of your success.

Here is Mark's path to success story...

Mark is a successful hypnosis practitioner, trainer and business owner yet he didn’t start out that way. He worked every hour God sent just to stay out of debt and once washed floors for a living. Then he made a few key changes in his Mindset.

And those changes made all the difference.

He tells how hypnosis helps your unconscious mind in many ways such as the power of focus, unshakable determination and a strong vision for the future, so he created 10 Steps to a Stellar Success Mindset

Your mind is most definitely the first place to turn when you want to develop new daily success habits.

Now that you know, you will never again wonder why it feels like struggle, instead you will pay attention to how you feel!

Here's to your new beliefs on success!


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  • Hi Janice,

    A very informative post. I think it is a fault belief that our subconscious is more powerful than our conscious mind. If we have put our mind to work harder, then we don’t need to use our subconscious. Since most of us is lazy, so it will seem that way.
    Also success depend on a lot of factors, one of them is what you have mention in your post – mindset.
    The others are hard work, support and luck. We cannot be success without all of these factors, that is why most of us are not success.
    I will tell you one example of luck. When Napoleon wants to fight Russia, the day their army try to enter Russia and it had the heaviest snowfall in decades. Just unlucky for him.


    • The idea of hypnosis is to make changes effortlessly, which it does. The pattern of thought we call ‘beliefs’ that may adversely affect our life in some way is operating consciously, it’s just outside of our conscious awareness. Once processed and into the long-term memory it isn’t causing any disruption. It’s the emotional response that causes unconscious behaviour that may sabotage our efforts and leave us in loop of struggle regardless of how hard we work.

      Both the conscious and unconscious processes are powerful and incredible and neither can function without the other! Years ago the notion of a conscious vs unconscious area was bandied about but of course within the complex structure of the mind it isn’t like that.

      A wonderful discussion – thank you much appreciated!

  • Our minds are definitely the answer! Who knew that hypnosis can change our mind’s patterns of thinking and feeling…good to know. You created a nice site that’s easy to find what we need. I will be sure to spread the word and thank you for sharing. Please keep me updated with new information and tips!

    • Hello Deidre, indeed, pattern matching is what our mind does in order to make sense of our world, so everything we encounter has an emotional attachment to it whether small or great. We sometimes hypnotize ourselves unintentionally into negative patterns too but when used correctly and deliberately hypnosis is a fantastic tool. I appreciate your kind comments thank you.

  • Very good insight… I do think that one of the biggest reasons that people fail is the proper mindset. I personally believe that one of the biggest problems with people not having success is they lack consistency. So if you have the proper mindset and you are consistent in your endeavors, you will succeed. Patience is also a huge necessity because it does not happen overnight:) Great article Janice!

    • Thank you Fred, your points are most valid and they in turn evoke feelings of confidence in oneself to achieve. Hypnosis helps with keeping your focus consistent and perspective constant. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. 🙂

  • This is a really thought-provoking and inspiring post. I have always struggled with the feeling that money is somehow bad, even though I love money lol and I haven’t been terribly unsuccessful. Realizing that this feeling is merely a habit that can be broken is freeing, and I imagine it will be all the more freeing once I establish that freedom in my emotions and thoughts about this issue. I liked your ideas of using self-talk, meditation and hypnosis as tools to correct these thought patterns. Perhaps when I lose the negative feeling around money and success, I will become truly rich. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your insight!


  • Hey Janice,

    I’m wondering if you could tell me a little bit more abut what hypnosis actually is. In my head, when I hear hypnosis I immediately think of the hypnotist who comes to Proms and parties and makes people do silly things.

    Is this the same as the hypnosis you’re mentioning here? Or is is something completely different?

    Just curious!

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    • Hi Frederic! Thank you for stopping by. Yes I do spend time writing and actually I love it! In the past I have used tools to help me write, especially in the early days when writing didn’t flow so much. I could never though just post the blog as created by the tool because it needed editing, which is okay especially to help you get the feel for writing.
      In my opinion there’s nothing like a personally created blog because it matters to me that I give quality content. Furthermore, Google’s algorithms can detect quality content and this is how you become a successful marketer these days. Maybe someone will read this and be curious to know of your recommendation and maybe they’ll be interested to be educated fully on building successful websites 🙂
      Thanks again for stopping by and best wishes to you.

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