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5 Ways To Feel Happy Every Day


Life Is So Much Better When You Feel Happy!

Have you noticed how much better your life is when you feel happy? The day runs more smoothly, you feel more creative and in flow, friends, family and colleagues in fact everyone you meet seems to be smiling at you. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to harness this happiness thing more often?

Well you can!

Some people do seem to have a happier disposition than others, but happiness isn't always a constant even for the most positive and happiest among us!

What is happiness?

We often equate happiness to those situations when something good happens such as some good fortune comes your way but this is often temporary. Research shows that even when people have a sudden and amazing piece of good fortune such as winning the lottery, within months this ecstatic happiness that seemed so life-changing at the time soon wears off.

Happiness isn't necessarily about being constantly in that 'high flying' place, and feelings of inner peace, calm and contentment are all components of feeling happy. This kind of happiness you have control of whereas the former less so.

It isn't possible to 'be happy' all of the time because we naturally experience the contrast of a differing range of emotions and we are influenced by the circumstances of life, which we are constantly reacting to. It is however important to feel OK with that and realise that you can learn to improve upon how you feel.

The road to an increase in happiness

Maybe you are already doing things to improve upon your happiness and that is great.

Here are five things you can do that will greatly enhance your feelings of happiness.

#1: Connect with people:

Everyone thrives on having connecting with others, friends, family, colleagues and neighbours. By developing and strengthening your connections you will discover that your life becomes enriched and you will feel supported.

#2: Mindfulness

Giving your mind a chance to be quiet is probably more important today than ever. We live such busy lives and often go to bed at night with our mind still 'buzzing' making it more difficult to relax and sleep properly.

Meditation and hypnosis are two practices that will help you to feel happier every day because they quieten brain activity and help you live more in the moment. This in turn makes you more aware of your emotions and feelings so that you gain more control over them. It is a practice that will undoubtedly set you up for life, a much happier life!  

#3: Be Active:

There are plenty of activities to enjoy such as walking, cycling, gardening or dancing. You can select an activity that suits your age and your capabilities. Exercise is an excellent antidote to feeling good.

#4: Set a new challenge:

When you have a purpose in your life you have something to motivate you. Perhaps rediscovering an old interest or signing up for a course, or simply taking on a new hobby. Studies show that those people who have an interest in their life and are willing to learn new things are happier, healthier and more content.

#5: Give to others:

Doing something nice for a friend or even a stranger will lift you. In fact when you give to others you are giving to yourself! It need only be small gestures; a smile, a thank you, a compliment. If you have more time to spare, volunteering can be incredibly rewarding.

What will you do today that will add to your sense of inner happiness and contentment?

Hypnosis provides the tools to do this perfectly. If you have any specific questions about how to be happier, please leave your question or comment below (I answer every one) or if you prefer contact me here and we can arrange a chat.

About the Author Janice Bowles

Janice Bowles, is a Hypnotherapist, EFT practitioner and Life Coach and has specialised in Stress Management since 1996.

  • Neil says:

    Hello Janice

    Thanks very much for your helpful tips on feeling happy 🙂 As a network marketer, I attend a variety of trainings, connect with positive like minded people and make loads of new friends.

    Like you said, with this connection, my life is enriched and I feel really great as a person inside 😀 If people practice your 5 steps on a daily basis, they will become a habit and will bring long term happiness for many people.


    • admin says:

      Hi Neil, it’s great to hear that you practice ways to enrich your experience of life. It is especially important where work is concerned and so good that you have a network of people for friendship and support. Thank you for your comments and wishing you continued well-being 🙂

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