Positive Daily Affirmations

September 9

Good Thinking. There's power in thought! 

In this article, we're going to explore whether there's value in positive daily affirmations and whether better thinking skills are of greater value to our overall wellbeing.

If you could deliberately choose your thoughts, would positive thinking, including positive daily affirmations result in us feeling better?  If you regularly choose to think on the bright side then yes, the thoughts you choose are going to have a positive influence in your life.

As for positive daily affirmations, they are certainly worthwhile adopting but there are some pitfalls to be aware of also.

Whether you think mostly positively or negatively the way you think is down to either temperament (a bias we're born with) or results from the influence of those around us and the experiences we have while growing up.  

You can greatly improve the way you think and develop a more positive attitude, although it will take conscious effort, self-awareness and practice, at least in the beginning. There is a quicker way though. You can gain better thinking skills quickly using hypnosis.

Better Thinking Skills - Positive thinking

Of course, there may be times when the events in your life prove difficult and really test your resolve to think positively. This is when saying daily positive affirmations can get tricky and I will explain why.

Try saying "I am feeling happy" when something has just happened and you don't feel that way. Your mind simply rejects the affirmation. Your inner voice will object, "No, acually I don't!" It may even annoy you.

Trying to paste over 'what is' - the state in which you find yourself, isn't going to necessarily benefit from this approach. Instead, try adjusting the affirmation slightly, try saying, "It will be nice when I can feel happy again," or "I'm going to reach for a happy feeling soon." Do you notice the difference?

Sometimes, expressing certain emotions such as sadness or grief are important for mentally processing these challenging times. In these itimes, writing down your feelings or saying them aloud is more effective than attempting to avoid them.

We need to respect where we are emotionally. So, it's not about forcing positive thinking during such times, as that can potentially be counter productive. There are times when we just need to be extra gentle with with ourselves.

apPositive Daily Affirmations

Think now about how you are when you get out of bed each morning. Are you cheerful and ready to take on the day? Do feel 'flat' or grumpy? Do you feel nothing! Are you just being swept along by random thoughts that really don't serve you?

The stresses of life and the intensity of sensory input we are all subjected to nowadays can greatly affect how we think and it's often subtle and subliminal.

Our brain's are massively over stimulated these days and greatly contributes to stress and anxiety. But being mindful of this and having awareness of how external events may be influencing your thoughts and feelings, can be counteracted by good thinking practices.  

In doing so, you will build resilience to those situations and events that may otherwise knock you off balance. By adopting good thinking practices, you will start to build a blueprint for automatically looking for the good as opposed to the 'bad' in a situation.

You will be happier and healthier. You will enjoy more meaningful relationships and engage better with everyone you meet. You will also experience better outcomes and be attuned to more fortuitous opportunities.

Give it try. Discover how positive daily affirmations can fit into your life and enjoy them!


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