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Positive Daily Affirmations

Good Thinking. There's power in thought!

Deliberately choosing your thoughts will result in feeling better. Whether you think positively or negatively they are habits that we adopt often from an early age. You can greatly improve the way you think and develop a more positive bias - it just takes self-awareness and practice.

Of course, there may be times when the events in your life prove difficult and really test your resolve to think positively.

Sometimes, expressing certain emotions such as sadness or grief are important for mentally and emotionally processing times. So, it's not about forcing positive thinking during such times as that can be counter productive.

But think about how you get out of bed each morning. Are you cheerful and ready to take on the day? Do feel 'flat' or grummy? Do you feel nothing! Are you just being swept along by random thoughts that really don't serve you?

The stresses of life and the intensity of sensory input we are all subjected to nowadays can - and I believe do - greatly affect how we think and it's often subtle and subliminal.

I'm of an age where I remember life before mobile phones. I remember life before colour TV's! Our brain's are massively over stimulated and that's why stress has become such a major issue.

However, being mindful of this and having awareness of how external events may be influencing our thoughts and feelings, we can counteract them by practicing Good Thinking.  

By doing so, we build resilience to situations and events that may otherwise knock us off balance. By adopting good thinking practices, you will automatically look for the good as opposed to the 'bad' in a situation.

You will be happier and healthier. You will enjoy more meaningful relationships and engage in better rapport with everyone you meet. You will also experience better outcomes and be attuned to more fortuitous opportunities.

Give it try. There will be more 'Good Thinking' affirmations and quotes added here throughout the week. Enjoy them!

About the Author Janice Bowles

A qualified hypnotherapist with 25 years’ experience Janice specialises in overcoming stress and anxiety, depression and burnout. She is also trained in Smoking Cessation and often works with clients wishing to reduce weight. You can contact Janice here​ to arrange an online consultation.

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