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The Power of Positive Attitude

5 Key Points For Daily Positive Thinking

Our outlook and attitude on life in general plays a huge part in how happy we are in life and how successful we become.

Someone who is optimistic and thinks positively will be more relaxed, calm and smile more than someone who is always looking on the bad side, who lets stress get to them and who constantly wear a frown.

Not only does how you think and feel affect you, it also affects those around you, in short our mood affects our day. Developing and keeping a positive outlook is essential if you wish to lead a happy, contented and fulfilling life.

There are many ways in which you can develop a more positive outlook and begin to change how you think and feel about many situations that you encounter in day-to-day living.

Changing your attitude and not slipping back into negative thinking will take time but eventually the new outlook will become second nature.

"A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you" ~ Joyce Meyer

Later I share with you an example of how I used the power of positive attitude to feel better about a situation that had been bugging me...

The five main key points to remember when changing your outlook are:

1. Practice a POSITIVE ATTITUDE on a daily basis

Turn your way of thinking into positive thinking and practice on a daily basis thinking positively. There are always positive aspects to focus upon, even if it’s on a different topic altogether than the one that is currently bothering you.

The mere focus upon something good has the potential to alter your mood for the better in a matter of minutes.

Ideally, as you go about your day, set your mind on completing one task at a time and think only of a positive outcome and how good you will feel when you have completed the task.

Avoid giving in to doubt and instead let yourself believe that you have the ability to accomplish it.

2. Stamping out negative conversations

Don’t let your conversations turn negative, when in a conversation it is easy to let others discourage you, particularly if they have a negative outlook on life.

It’s tempting to fall back into your old ways, because people like agreeing with each other for approval. Instead be aware this person is speaking negatively and either turn the negative talk into something positive or politely remove yourself from the conversation.

When you look for the good in everything and any situation you will find that you attract more positive people into your life and the negative ones will disappear!

Of course we do sometimes have those negative days and especially when you are first re-training your thinking it may seem a little more challenging. It’s only an indication that you are changing and becoming more aware.

So whenever you do meet someone who is speaking negatively,  just realise it's because you are most likely having negative thinking too! You are simply attracting that negative energy. This is a great time to take time out to relax if you can or engage in some better thinking practices.

3. Look for the positive and feel good!

Look for the positive in those around you and point it out, this way you can encourage a positive attitude all around you.

Complimenting others when done genuinely is a brilliant way to uplift not only the person you are complimenting but yourself too!

After all, doesn’t it feel good to make someone else feel good?

If it’s difficult to find the positive in others – I know it can be sometimes – instead think of something that gives you a lovely feeling such as your cat or your dog or a small baby.

It’s about reaching for the feeling, which will then carry on into every area of your life – it’s powerful, you’ll see!

4. How I use the power of positive attitude every day

Whatever you are doing in your day-to-day life always look for the good in it, although it might be a boring task which you usually hate doing and one which leaves you feeling negatively, try to find something about it that turns it into a more positive situation.

Be a little lighter in your attitude about this situation. It probably isn’t all that bad after all and even if you just ask the question, “What can I see in this situation that will allow me to feel good?” Give it a little time and you’ll be amazed what comes up.

I have done this myself on numerous occasions.

One in particular, I had ordered a garden shed for my rabbits to live in but when it arrived I found it difficult to adjust to this new object in my garden, which isn’t that big. For months I looked at it and didn’t like it at all, but I knew it would affect other areas of my life too so I asked the question mentioned above.

Within a few weeks I had painted the shed, my rabbits started occupying it whereas they had avoided it before. Suddenly I felt completely differently about the shed and now I love it! There has become far more positives than negatives and just because I chose to change my attitude about it.

5. Avoid going back to negativity

Never let yourself become distracted or hoodwinked into going back to negativity. It takes time to change the way you feel and think and if you have been down on yourself and the world for a long time then your new outlook will take a while to register and stay around.

You will find over time that many areas of your life can be changed just by changing your outlook from a negative one to a more positive.

You will find that your self-esteem improves, you become more popular, you feel happier and are more confident than before, you are able to tackle the tasks you once hated without them causing you stress and anxiety and your relationships improve.

Do you want me to help you develop a positive attitude?

If you'd like some extra help around positive thinking and positive attitude, I have been helping people for 20 years make powerful changes to their lives. You can connect with me to arrange an online session.

Hypnosis can safely train your mind to develop a positive outlook, using your natural abilities, helping you change the way you think and feel.


It's well worth the effort to develop a positive attitude that will serve you well for the rest of your life and have a positive influence on those around you.

About the Author Janice Bowles

Janice Bowles, is a Hypnotherapist, EFT practitioner and Life Coach and has specialised in Stress Management since 1996.

  • Joan says:

    Hi Janice – great article and clearly written. Many good points to remember. It can be difficult to stay positive and takes a great deal of effort on a daily basis for it to become more natural. Reframing our thoughts to view life situations with a positive tone can make a world of difference.

    Thanks again for the post and reminders.


    • Hi Joan, thank you for your kind comments. At first it does take effort to watch your thoughts and change them but as with any new habit it does become easier. I appreciate your stopping by. 🙂

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