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Stop Emotional Eating and Lose Weight Naturally

Which of these statements apply to you?

  • I eat when I'm not really hungry
  • I've been doing diets for years and I’m despondent and frustrated  
  • I lose some weight then put it back on again
  • I'm often thinking about food and the next meal
  • I'm afraid I’ll put even more weight on my body
  • Something else……………

Are you struggling to control your eating in an effort to lose weight? Are you having a daily battle with food? If so, then it's time to give yourself a break and end the struggle.

3 Reasons Why Emotional Eating Prevents Weight Loss

#1 - Stress causes weight gain

Constantly worrying about your weight is not good for you. Worrying about anything releases stress hormones in the body, which over time can be detrimental health, both physically and mentally.

Cortisol is one such hormone that floods the body’s system when it is under stress and there is now a known link between cortisol and weight gain.  

#2 - Fad Diets Don’t Work!

You may have heard this before, but diets simply don't work! I’m talking about restrictive and fad diets that you’re unable to realistically sustain long-term.

This kind of dieting actually causes the body to store more fat! When the body is suddenly ‘starved’ of food and calories, it hangs on to the fat and loses muscle mass first.

As hunger and deprivation sets in, even the strongest willed amongst us will cave in eventually. The body, relieved to receive those extra calories craves high fat and sugary foods and stores the fat more effectively should another famine come along!

#3 - Counting calories doesn’t address the emotional part

So, what about those diets that give you a 'plan' such as controlling portion sizes or calorie counting?

These are fine to a point because understanding which foods are best for your body is always a good thing but there's a whole lot more to weight control than simply controlling the food you pop into your mouth!

Counting calories and watching what you eat simply keeps you focused upon food more of the time. Besides, it doesn’t address the underlying urges you get of wanting to eat when you know you don't really need that food.

This is why you want to address the emotional eating part rather than focus on ‘dieting’ to lose weight.

What You Can Do

Fortunately, there’s EFT Tapping! EFT addresses emotional eating beautifully and elegantly and once those emotional urges have been dealt with, they will dissolve away, and you STOP eating more food than your body needs. This leads to a natural weight balance without the stress.

The great news is that you can have a 'taster' session of EFT Tapping with me to see how it works and if you think it's the right path for you then I have an Emotional Eating Coaching Program that you can follow.

Even better, I occasionally offer Free Live Taster Sessions in Thame, Oxfordshire that you can attend in-person and enjoy the buzz and support of others or you can arrange a private session with me. The private session can either be in-person or via Skype so with the latter it doesn’t matter where you live!

To learn more simply get in touch with me by email or by phone and we'll arrange a time to chat - no obligations, just find out more how this amazing method can eliminate your food addictions for good!

I look forward to talking with you.

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A qualified hypnotherapist with 25 years’ experience Janice specialises in overcoming stress and anxiety, depression and burnout. She is also trained in Smoking Cessation and often works with clients wishing to reduce weight. You can contact Janice here​ to arrange an online consultation.

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