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Stop Emotional Eating


End the struggle with emotional eating and achieve your weight loss goals

Are you struggling to control your eating or wishing you could stop overeating and lose weight? Are you having a daily battle with food? If so, then it's time to give yourself a break and end the struggle.  

3 Reasons Why Emotional Eating Prevents Weight Loss

#1 - Stress and Food Choices

Every day anxiety, stress or worries can not only lead to weight gain but also prevent weight loss. Here's a brief look at how that works.

Stress affects us emotionally. Stress is a surge in emotions that we find extremely unpleasant and will do our best to stop or resist.

When stressed we tend to reach for those comfort foods that contain high calories as these are the kinds of foods that trigger the 'feel good' hormones.

The stress hormone cortisol, increases when we feel stressed, which in turn raises insulin levels causing blood sugar to drop and then we crave those sugary and fatty foods. 

The initial comfort we feel from eating these high sugar foods is short-lived however and the ensuing fallout makes you want to reach for even more high calorie foods. So the effects of stress influences our food choices.

Because the drive for comfort is so strong, any initial resolve you might have can easily be overridden. The short-term gain of comfort is more powerful than the long-term gain to be slim. We are strongly motivated to deal with the present emotion we are feeling.  

Stress and emotions are interlinked: Many worry about their weight but whether you worry about weight or anything else, the same stress hormones are released within the body.

Therefore, address stress and the knock-on benefit is a more effective way to achieve your desired weight loss goals. 

#2 - Fad Diets Don’t Work!

Fad diets often become the preferred method for rapid weight loss when emotional eating gets the better of your weight loss goal.

But here's the rub. This kind of dieting actually causes the body to store more fat! When the body is suddenly ‘starved’ of food and calories, it hangs on to the fat and loses muscle mass first.

As hunger and a sense of deprivation sets in, even the strongest willed amongst us will cave in eventually. The body, relieved to receive those extra calories craves high fat and sugary foods and stores the fat more effectively should another famine come along!

The emotional roller coaster of starving the body then bingeing puts fad diets on the list of why emotional eating prevents weight loss.  

#3 - Counting calories doesn’t address the emotional part

So, what about those diets that give you a 'plan' such as controlling portion sizes or calorie counting?

These are fine to a point because understanding which foods are best for your body is always a good thing. But there's a whole lot more to weight control than simply controlling the food you pop into your mouth!

Counting calories and constantly watching what you eat simply keeps you focused upon food more of the time. Keeping this up forever is no way to live.

Besides, it doesn’t address the underlying urges you get of wanting to eat when life challenges come along or when your brain is trying to call you to food when know you don't really need it.

So, although having a good knowledge of food values is essential in maintaining a healthy weight, when you eat for emotional reasons, there's a a fundamental missing part that has nothing to do with counting calories. 

What's the Answer?

Our emotions are like sign posts. They are pointing us towards something, something that is missing. When you address this missing part, the emotion dissolves and it's no longer driving you to seek comfort.

So you say, what could be missing? Well, it could be that you need to take time for yourself more, or that you could do with some extra help or support. Perhaps you you're lacking in confidence of self-esteem (feelings you have about yourself). 

Perhaps past negative experiences are affecting your present and haven't yet been resolved. Maybe there's a level of dissatisfaction in your life and yet you're not even fully aware of what that is! 

This is where hypnosis for emotional eating can be a powerful way to free yourself from the behavioural grip that emotional eating has over you.

Hypnosis re-educates the unconscious mind - the part where emotions override conscious actions - and changes how we think and feel about ourselves.

Many people struggle to lose weight on their own and this is where I help in my one-on-one coaching-hypnosis sessions.

To find out more, get in touch with me by email to arrange a time to chat to find out more on how you can say goodbye to your food impulses, stop emotional eating and reach your weight loss goal.


About the Author Janice Bowles

Janice Bowles is a qualified hypnotherapist with over 25 years experience and specialises in anxiety, stress and emotional issues. Janice is also trained in smoking cessation and often works with clients wanting to lose weight. You can contact Janice here​ to arrange an initial online/telephone consultation.

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