8 Ways to Gain from Healthy Eating and Good Nutrition.

Good Nutrition And Healthy Eating

Everyone knows the importance of Healthy eating and good nutrition whether you are planning to lose weight or boost your immune system. In fact, a good diet regimen will automatically take care of your nutritional requirements and keep your weight balanced.

Paying attention to eating healthy, nutrient rich food is good practice at every stage of life and perhaps more so as we get older. The younger we are the more those habits become ingrained and we're more likely to stick to them. In many ways, I was fortunate to grow up during the late 50's and 60's and long before the rise of convenience foods. 

If you are looking to change your eating habits it can be challenging at first. Food is such an emotive subject in our lives and is difficult to ignore seeing how it's so tied in with our innate survival drives. However, creating a new way of healthy eating is more than possible and will over time change your food preferences from those sugary, processed foods that seem so irresistible, to food that screams healthful!

Reminding yourself that good nutrition helps guard against illness, protects us from diseases such as osteoarthritis, helps to delay premature ageing and support good mental health can be very motivational.

The 5 Major Food Groups

Let's remind ourselves of the five major food groups. These are starches, fats and sugars, fruit and vegetables, proteins and milk and dairy products.

A balanced healthy eating plan is one that includes all the major food groups and should be considered as each group plays an important role in fulfilling our nutritional needs. Certain foods work best when combined together - it's called "food synergy." For instance, vitamin C enhances the body's absorption of iron, so a watercress salad containing some orange slices and served with your salmon or meat steak will be a great combination. 

You too can easily learn more about these important food groups. Be aware of the ones to include more of and the ones to reduce for balanced healthy eating. Remember too that certain food groups do not agree with everyone so you'll need to adjust to your personal needs and preference. But generally, there's no need to get too hung up about it. A good way to get a beneficial variety of food groups is to focus on colour. The more colourful your meal, chances are you're getting an ideal balance.

Of course not all food groups agree with everyone. Some people  do not digest milk products very well or need to minimise other groups such as wheat, while some have allergic reactions to certain foods, which must always be avoided, the common ones being nuts and gluten.

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What if you are vegetarian or vegan?

There has been a huge increase in vegetarianism and veganism, especially among young people and the commercial food market has been swift to fulfil this new demand. If you are vegetarian or vegan, chances are you're (hopefully) already getting lots of variety in your diet, especially if it includes those health-giving pulses and grains. If you're new to it, it will be especially important to pay attention to how you can get all your nutritional needs met and a little extra research would be wise.

While this rise in going vegetarian and vegan is great in so many ways, not least for the environment, much of the commercially prepared food that is now available is still processed. It’s important not to be lulled into the belief that because it’s non-meat, those beautifully packaged vegan foods are healthy. Any processed food should only be consumed in moderation.

Taking an interest in just how important food is for our health and wellbeing, what's good and what's best to avoid, will go a long way to choosing and preparing just what you need to stay healthy.


  • Eating healthily needn't be difficult. A good diet plan will automatically take care of your nutritional requirements.
  • Good nutrition will help guard against illness and keep you looking and feeling younger!
  • Include all the food groups if you can tolerate them and do not trigger allergic reaction. 
  • Food groups include: starches, fats and sugars, fruit and vegetables, proteins and milk and dairy products. 
  • Some groups such as starches are best kept to a minimum especially if reducing weight is a concern.
  • Any processed food should only be consumed in moderation, if at all.

Here are 8 quick benefits of a well balanced diet

#1. Helps maintain a healthy body weight

Eating fresh food that hasn’t been processed in any way will automatically balance your digestive and hormonal system and thereby keep weight balanced. Reducing sugar consumption and complex carbs reduces food cravings.

#2. Increased Energy

Think of the last time you felt enlivened and full of energy? If that’s a distant memory, then maybe your diet could do with an overhaul.  

Poor eating habits put a strain on your body making it sluggish. The body then thinks it needs more food and will usually crave high sugar or carbs – to get over the slump, which only exacerbates the problem. When your diet is balanced, you’ll automatically have increased energy levels.

#3. Less prone to mood swings

When blood sugar drops, it causes those mood swings that we often associate with being hungry yet hunger per-say isn’t the issue. With a balanced diet you’re choosing foods that release energy slowly and thus avoiding those blood sugar dips.

#4. Feel more relaxed

Eating a well-balanced diet is about self-care, which is an important component of not only our physical wellness but for mental wellbeing also. What we eat matters in all aspects of our life and good nutrition will absolutely aid relaxation.

#5. Reduces Stress

Eating a well-balanced diet is about self-care, which is an important component of not only our physical wellness but for mental wellbeing also. What we eat matters in all aspects of our life and good nutrition will absolutely aid relaxation.

#6. Healthy skin, hair, eyes and nails

When you see someone, who is glowing on the outside you can be sure that that person has a great diet. This is your body letting you know that your eating habits are on track by giving you the best feedback of all.   

#7. A strong immune system

If you want fewer colds, the resilience to illness and the ability to bounce back if you do succumb then your attention to good nutrition is key.

#8. An overall sense of wellbeing.

What can be better than just feeling well? It goes hand-in-hand that when you feel well inside and out you are more likely to feel fulfilled in other areas of your life also and it can begin with good nutrition.

Remember to follow the 80-20 rule

Sometimes and perhaps for practical reasons, it may not always be possible to adhere to eating freshly prepared food, however the 80 - 20 rule of eighty percent natural foods included in your overall diet will work just fine.

There may be times when you need to give yourself an extra 'boost' with added vitamins such as when working long hours, recovering from illness or an operation, if you've been unable to eat healthy foods for a spell or if you play a lot of sport.

Some people also feel the benefit of additional vitamins when they are losing weight, however this isn't always necessary as long your new eating regimen includes lots of fresh vegetables, fruit and fish and so on.

A healthy balanced diet is important at any stage of life, and paying more attention to what you eat will go a long way to enjoying good health into the later years. As we age, it's important for women especially, to pay attention to calcium intake for maintaining strong and healthy bones.

Food that is naturally grown, fresh when harvested, then cooked and prepared in a way that preserves as much of the food value as possible is going to provide the nutrients and vitamins your body requires to maintain optimum health.

Adopting and maintaining good nutrition and healthy eating is well worth the effort.

Changing your eating habits especially if they’ve been neglected for a while can be challenging at first. However, once made, they offer such rewards that I will bet you won’t ever want to eat any other way!

Here's a quick summary

  • Follow the 80/20 Rule. Where possible adhere to eating freshly prepared food at least 80% of the time.
  • If you've let your healthy way of eating slip or you feel you need a boost take some additional vitamins for a while.
  • Where possibly buy really fresh food and compost any that is old as it will simply have lost its food value.
  • Changing your eating habits can be challenging at first but it's well worth the effort and you will be rewarded in many ways. 
  • You'll look and feel different and other people will probably notice and tell you how well you look - and that in turn makes you feel great!

Any time is a good time to pay more attention to the benefits of healthy eating and make a concerted effort to support your body as best you can. We only get one body and if it were a million pound race horse in your possession, you wouldn't feed it on take-aways and fill it full of gassy drinks every day! So maybe think of your amazing body as a fine horse and give it the love and care it deserves, that you deserve to enjoy a healthy and ultimately happy life!

Here's to 8 Ways to Gain from Healthy Eating and Good Nutrition

Need help getting started?

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