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Stop Overeating 

Narrator: Janice Bowles
Length: 22:30 minutes


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Weight Loss Audio Session - Stop Overeating

Do you find it hard to resist eating extra food when you don't really need it? Sometimes, you may even reach for treats without even realising it and it's only after eating them that the guilt sets in.  Or maybe adding more food to your plate than you need or going for second helpings is where you struggle most.

Either way, breaking the spell that food appears to have over you, can sometimes be really hard to master. You may be thinking, where's your willpower when you need it?

If it was as simple as will power alone then millions of people around the world wouldn't have a problem with managing their weight. 

Because we are driven by our emotions, which happen before we even realise it, our response to the feelings that arise becomes automatic.  So whenever something happens that causes us an element of stress,  food can be a source of comfort and because our emotions are stronger than that elusive will power, you know only too well who wins out!

When the response to eat is triggered often, it then becomes a habit and so the emotion gets matched to the pattern of eating. Usually it's something loaded in fat content or high in sugar as these foods release a feel-good hormone. Troule is, it's only a temporary fix and so more is required to gain the same effect.  

This Stop Overeating hypnosis audio will help you to feel more relaxed and the rehearsal technique will help you change those urges on an unconscious level making it easier for you to say, "No" to extra food.

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